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Connect Designs™

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Connect Designs is our premium line of floral arrangements. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Style is made simple with Connect Designs. The modern and revolutionary design concept makes it easy to get, give and display fresh flowers without the need to rearrange them yourself. It is a simple solution for a dramatic impact at home, a finishing touch to a special function, or a perfect gift to someone you care about.

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Connect Designs can be displayed in a standard vase or can be dressed up with vase jewelry and coloured water

How does it work?

Our patented Connector is a device featuring a pre-arranged professionally designed pattern which holds stems in place, and ensures that the full faces of the flowers are prominently displayed with style. This system ensures consistency in design and extends the life of the flowers by supporting their necks and increasing water absorption.

Our patented Connector Grids 

Takeaway Bouquets

Our Connect Design Takeaway bouquets are designed and individually arranged to produce the highest quality ready-to-display arrangement.

Our Takeaway bouquets are placed in decorative gift bags, making them a perfect present