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Colour Waves is a floral merchandising program built around the concept of visual marketing. Colour is the first thing a consumer notices, so we lead with fresh, eye-catching colours. For effective merchandising Colour blocking is used. Potted plants, upgrades, indoor gardens, sheets and display tags all create a unity of colour to tie together the whole display. Colour Waves is divided into themes which can cycle to keep things fresh and new in your display. A variety of products and price points give the end consumer maximum choice. Point-of-purchase (POP) material such as display tags and posters are available to reinforce the retail display.

Unity and flexibility

Colour Waves is a great way to tie together retail displays or even floral departments. The program sends a bold visual message to drive sales further. Yet another strength lays in its flexibility. A variety of themes and colours cycle to remain exciting and suit the seasons -- so it's always relevant. Colour Waves can be used to replace or complement your current potted plant setup.  Products or Themes can be customized to give your display something truly unique.

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