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Bayview Logistics

Over 20 Years of Experience

Bayview Logistics is a modern partner in the Bayview group of companies.  Its distribution centre is a 25,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse just a half a mile from the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW).  Bayview Logistics has been transporting products all across North America since 1990. 

Delivering flowers and general freight in a 700 mile (1200km) radius into the US, a fleet of new tractors and trailers equipped with high tech reefers keep every load at the desired temperature.  Using satellite tracking, monitoring the location and the inside temperature of each reefer gives customers instant updates.  A large fleet of transport trucks equipped with refrigeration systems keeps the plants fresh during travel.  More information about Bayview trucking solutions will be made available upon the completion of the new Bayview Supply website.

For more information, please don't hesitate to call 905-562-7321 or 1-888-229-8439.

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